How often do relationships with Drupal web development vendors succeed? How often do they fail? Why? The purpose of this anonymous survey is to gain insight into the dynamics between Drupal website development firms and their clients.

The survey consists of only 8 multiple choice questions and should take no longer than 2 (two!) minutes to complete. If you complete this survey, we’ll share the aggregate results with you!

In addition, if you provide a credible and complete response, you may be selected to win $100 gift card! Whohoo!

* 1. Drupal was recommended as the "platform of choice" for your organization by your:

* 2. Before selecting Drupal, your previous website technology/platform was:

* 3. What is your average annual budget for web projects?

* 4. How many vendors for Drupal web consulting/development have you worked with in the past 3 years?