Driving WinTech Survey

Women in Tech World is proud to present Driving Women in Tech, a community based research tour to better understand and support women in the technology industry in Canada. As part of this study, we have provided this online survey for participants that are not able to attend our community conversations in person.

* 1. I identify as a/an:

* 2. To which gender do you most identify with?

* 3. What is your age?

* 5. What city or town do you live in?

* 6. Name of your company or organization:

* 7. What is the highest degree or level of school you have completed? (If you’re currently enrolled in school, please indicate the highest degree you have received.)

* 8. What is/was your field of study (e.g., STEM, Communications, Computer Science, Business)?

* 9. Which of the following categories best describes your current employment status?

* 10. What best describes the type of organization you work for?

* 11. How did you learn your technical skills? Please select the best fit.

* 12. Which of the following best describes your current job level?

* 13. What best describes your role/ position in your company?

* 14. What is one word that you would use to describe the tech industry in your community?

* 15. What is one word you would use to describe your personal experience in the tech industry? This can be the same as in Q. 14, or can be more specific to a personal experience you have had. Please feel free to share a story.

* 16. Please share why you choose the word in Question 15.

* 17. In your community, what helps women succeed in the tech industry? For example, this can be a resource, organization, specific tool, or broader.

* 18. In your community, what hinders the success of women in the tech industry? For example, this could be a specific challenge or barrier you've noticed, a lack (or too much) of ______ etc.

* 19. What are 3 ideas that you have that could help support the success of the next generation of women in tech (note: ideas for those already in the tech industry are also welcome)? These ideas will be used to develop an action plan for your community. The more specific the better!

* 20. We are compiling a list of resources for women in tech for each region of Canada. If you know of any resources in your city/town (or national) we'd love to hear about them! These could be organizations, meet-ups, funding, programs etc.

* 21. Let us know if you have any additional information or stories that you would like to share that was not captured in the survey questions above: