Research Project Information Sheet

Dr Vanessa Beanland, Prof Paul Salmon & Mr Henry Gunson
Ethics Approval Number: S/17/1047

The objective of this study is to identify similarities and differences in road anger experienced by motorcyclists and drivers (including individuals who use both motorcycles and cars at different times).

Participant Eligibility
To be eligible to participate in the study, participants must:
- be aged 18 years or older;
- be fluent in English;
- have a current, valid Australian driver’s licence (Provisional Licence or Open/Full Licence) and/or motorcycle licence (RE or R); and
- drive a car and/or ride a motorcycle on public roads at least once a week.

Participant Experience
Participation in the following study is voluntary and participants may withdraw at any stage prior to the end of the survey session, without any explanation or consequence.

Participants are invited to complete an online anonymous survey. In the survey, participants will be asked to provide basic demographic information (age, gender), information about their driving/riding experience and habits. Participants will also be asked to complete a series of personality measures, which involve reading a statement and rating the extent to which it describes you as an individual. Finally, participants will complete a driving anger scale. In this scale, participants are asked to read statements describing different traffic scenarios and to rate how angry each scenario would make them feel.

Completing the survey should take no more than 30 minutes. At the end of the study, participants will be given the opportunity to enter a draw to win one of six $50 Autobarn gift vouchers. There are six $50 vouchers and we are recruiting 200 participants, so each person will have a 1/33.3 chance of winning. Winners will be drawn in the first week of October, after all data has been collected. Entering the gift draw is optional and participants who wish to enter will be directed to a separate form to provide contact details, so that identifying information (name, address, email, phone number) will not be linked to the responses provided earlier in the study.
There are no specific risks, beyond that of normal day-to-day living, associated with participation in this research study. It is possible that some participants may experience symptoms of fatigue during the survey; if this occurs you should take a break. If you wish to take a short break and resume the survey afterwards, please leave your web browser open so that you can resume at the same point. However, we do not recommend doing this if you are completing the survey on a computer in a public place, where other people may be able to see your responses.

It is possible that some participants may experience negative emotions, such as anger, anxiety or distress, when reading statements on the driving anger scale. We recommend that you do not participate in this research if you feel that reading about these situations will trigger extreme negative emotions (e.g., if you have been involved in a serious road range incident).
If you choose to participate in this research and experience distress during or after the survey, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14.
Participants may withdraw from the experiment at any time prior to the conclusion of data collection without reason or penalty. It is not possible to withdraw from the study after you have submitted your response, because responses are not identifiable (i.e., we will not be able to determine which data was yours).

Results of this study will be written up in Henry Gunson’s psychology honours thesis and may be published in peer reviewed journals, conference presentations, and reports. Upon request, participants can be emailed the key findings of the study along with links to the published materials. If participants would like access to the summary of results, they can contact Henry Gunson via the e-mail displayed below.
As individuals participating in this research cannot be identified, participation provides consent that data collected may be used in future research projects, as well as by other researchers, to assist with future collaboration and utilisation of research data.

No participants will be personally identifiable in the data that is collected or reported (i.e., it will not be possible to find out which data belongs to any specific participant). No published findings will reveal the identity of any participant.
All data collected throughout the course of this study will be kept on password-protected computers or in a locked file located at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
If you have any complaints about the way this research project is being conducted you can raise them with the Student Researcher (Mr Henry Gunson) or the Chief Investigator (Dr Vanessa Beanland). If you prefer an independent person, contact the Chairperson of the Human Research Ethics Committee at the University of the Sunshine Coast: (c/- the Research Ethics Officer, Office of Research, University of the Sunshine Coast, Maroochydore DC 4558; telephone (07) 5459 4574; email

Dr Vanessa Beanland - Chief Investigator | 07 5456 3565

Prof Paul Salmon - Co-Investigator | 07 5456 5893 

Mr Henry Gunson - Student Researcher | 0410 714 833

Both the research team and the University of the Sunshine Coast sincerely thank you for your assistance in investigating this important area.

By clicking the "next" button below to begin the survey, you confirm that you have read the information provided above and that you consent to participate in this research. If you do not consent to participate, please close your web browser now.
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