Sustainable Hudson Valley is conducting a survey to help spark interest in the adoption of 100% electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles. With your help, we hope to make clean transportation technologies more affordable and available to everyone in the Hudson Valley.

* 1. I own or lease the following (check all that apply):

* 2. How many miles (round trip) do you travel to and from work?

* 3. Which statement best describes your travel to and from work?

* 4. For your next vehicle, do you expect to:

* 5. How soon do you expect to get your next vehicle?

* 6. What is a reasonable monthly car payment for you?

* 7. When looking for your next vehicle, do you plan to consider a plug in hybrid or 100% EV?

* 8. Can you name any plug-in electric or 100% electric vehicles you are excited about and would like to test drive?

* 9. If you have or get a plug-in hybrid or EV how would you expect to use it generally?

* 10. What factors are most important to you when choosing a car? Please choose up to 3.

* 11. What matters most in making a 100% Electric Vehicle attractive to you? Please choose up to 3 features.

* 12. What incentives would help you consider getting a plug-in hybrid or EV? Please select up to three.

* 13. Does your employer or commuter hub offer any of the following services? Check all that apply

* 14. How would you prefer to get more information about electric vehicles? Please choose up to 3 ways.

* 15. Would you be willing to participate in an electric vehicle leasing program in which you would confidentially share certain data about your car use in exchange for a modest discount?

* 16. In the past five years, have you bought, leased or implemented any of the following: Please select all that apply.

* 17. How did this survey reach you?

* 18. May we contact you with more EV information, news and updates on our program?