ReImagine Reno Survey 6: Input on Draft Master Plan

Welcome to the sixth and final ReImagine Reno survey! Before we start the final plan adoption process, we are asking the community to review the updated draft Master Plan and provide feedback. Your input will help inform final revisions to the plan before it heads to the Reno Planning Commission and Reno City Council for adoption.

The questions in the survey ask for your comments on the draft Master Plan in its entirety. There are also questions that dive into the Implementation Plan and the Growth and Reinvestment Framework, the final two chapters of the plan that were released in July. Links are provided throughout the survey so you can read the relevant information that pertains to each question. The survey will close on Friday, August 25.

This survey allows you to give the level of feedback that aligns with your time and interest. If you care most about one area, just focus on that one area. None of the questions are required. Just remember to hit the submit button at the end!
The success of the updated Master Plan depends on widespread community participation, and your input has been and continues to be important to this process. As always, please visit the ReImagine Reno website to learn more about the master plan update process!

Thank you for your feedback!

14% of survey complete.