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The trees in and around Canberra’s National Triangle create one of the most impressive treescapes of any capital city, anywhere in the world.

This amazing place is the result of a vision created and planted 100 years ago.

After hearing from over 1,000 people online and face-to-face we developed an issues paper articulating the challenges and opportunities surrounding the NCA’s urban treescape. Around 50 responses were received from various community members and groups.

The Draft Tree Management Policy has now been developed using this feedback and we are seeking input as to its applicability and functionality for the National Capital Authority's future management of its treescape.

Further to the policy, an implementation plan will be developed to articulate the actions that will be required to help the NCA reach its vision, objectives and targets as set out in the Policy. In addition, other key documents will be reviewed in response to this Policy including the National Capital Plan and various Heritage Management Plans. In order to achieve excellence in the care of our special places landscape maintenance plans will also be developed.

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* 1. Vision: The NCA treescape is diverse and resilient, enhancing the richness of landscape character envisioned in Canberra’s original design. Does this accurately capture the vision?

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* 2. Policy Objectives:
1. To build resilient landscapes
2. To protect and manage the existing treescape
3. To grow the future treescape
4. To demonstrate leading urban tree management practices
5. Monitor and evaluate the tree management program

Do you support these objectives in meeting the aspirations and requirements for the treescape managed by the National Capital Authority?

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* 3. If no, what are your concerns? (If you answered yes to the question above, simply leave blank)

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