What is a Comprehensive Plan Update?

A Comprehensive Plan is a guiding document for the growth and development of a town or municipality. Periodic updates help town officials review progress on the Plan and seek ongoing community-wide input on future planning. Residents and land or business owners in Dover are invited to complete this survey.

This community survey seeks your opinion about important issues that affect the future of Dover. There are nine questions and a final section on personal/household information. The survey takes about 5 to 10 minutes to complete and all responses are kept confidential.

Thank you for completing this survey. Survey responses are confidential; please do not include your name on this form. We appreciate your time and input!

To request a mailed copy of the survey, please contact the Town of Dover Clerk's Office at (845)832-6111, Ext. 112. Please drop off or mail your completed survey by September 30, 2017 at the Dover Town Hall, 126 E. Duncan Hill Rd., Dover Plains, NY 12522.

If you have any questions about the survey or would like a copy of the results, please contact Town of Dover Supervisor Linda French at supervisor@townofdoverny.us or (845)832-6111, Ext. 110.

Thank you for your participation and assistance!

* 1. How important are the following issues to the future growth and development of Dover?

  Not Important Low Priority High Priority
Open space for recreation and outdoor tourism
Quicker approvals for commercial development
Development of vacant commercial locations
Incentives for new commercial development
Historic preservation
Hamlet sidewalk and road infrastructure
More town recreational facilities
Sustainable/green technology in new development
Access to county-based social/support services

* 2. How important are the following housing issues for the residents of the Town of Dover?

  Not Important Low Priority High Priority
Reduce vacant and abandoned properties
Increased housing types:
            Single-family housing
            Active adult/senior living communities

* 3. How important are these transportation improvements for the Town of Dover?

  Not Important Low Priority High Priority
Building or upgrading the Wingdale and Dover Plains hamlet sidewalks
Promote use of Town's Dial-A-Ride Service
New transportation programs:
           Car rental/Zip car
           Park 'N Ride
           Workforce ride share

* 4. Which of the following actions would help increase local business development?

  Not Helpful Helpful Very Helpful
Town-wide business directory (printed and on-line)
Chamber of Commerce or business owners' association
Business/hamlet district redevelopment incentives
Zoning with expedited reviews for permitted uses
Town-hosted social media and promotional events

* 5. What types of businesses would you like to see more of in Dover? Please check all that you would like to see more of:

* 6. Which community resources do you think would improve the overall quality of life in Dover? Check all that you would find valuable:

* 7. Please check each reason and its importance for why you choose to live in Dover.

  Very Important Somewhat Important Not Important
Rural Character
Natural Beauty
Housing Cost
Sense of Community
Town Size

* 8. How would you prefer to get information about community news/events? Please check all that apply:

* 9. What do you enjoy most and what do you wish were different about living in Dover?

Please complete the following optional personal/household information to help us obtain information about some characteristics of the respondents who completed this survey. Again, all surveys are confidential.  If you would like a copy of the survey results after the data are compiled, please include your email address below.   Thank you for your participation.

* 10. Your Age Bracket:

* 11. How long have you lived in Dover?

* 12. Where is your residence?

* 13. Employment Information - Please check all that apply:

Thank you again for completing this survey, we appreciate your time and input! If you have any questions about this survey, please contact Dover Town Supervisor Linda French at supervisor@townofdoverny.us or (845)832-6111, Ext 110.