You may already be aware of the Do The Five campaign from the World Health Organization (WHO) to help limit the spread of the coronavirus by:

1.      HANDS – Wash them often
2.      ELBOW – Cough into it
3.      FACE – Don’t touch it
4.      FEET – Stay more than 6 feet apart
5.      FEEL sick? – Stay Home

In our version of Do The Five, you will focus on five wellness strategies to keep you healthy, connected, and informed. We understand that most of you are living outside of your comfort zone and we would like to provide some healthy options you can do during quarantine/social distancing to help your life feel a little more normal again. Activities will include working from home with tips for physical activity, nutrition, self-care and stress management.

Complete the Do The Five wellness calendar by completing a different wellness activity each day for 19 days. We encourage you to repeat one or more activities everyday throughout the campaign. Details for each activity can be located within the Do the Five packet. Complete a different wellness activity each day for 19 days. Fill out the activity number you did each day. Earn 10 Healthy Lifestyle Activity Points. This challenge can be completed one time for points.

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