Please take a few minutes to give us your feedback on how we are doing at Sunset School. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this helpful information as we plan for next year. 

* Is the school environment at Sunset safe, respectful and culturally inclusive for you and your student?

* There are several opportunities for family involvement at Sunset. Have you participated or do you plan to participate in any of the following  this year?

* List suggestions for future activities you would like to see at Sunset:

* On what device does your student have Internet access at home?

* How often do you use email at home?

* What is the best way for your child's teacher to communicate with you?

* Have you accessed any of these programs from our school web-site?

* Are you aware of our Academic-Behavior-Support program at Sunset (a.k.a. "Porpoise Port")?  

* The ABS/Porpoise Port is an intervention designed to support students academically and behaviorally who might need to temporarily be out of the classroom.  How often has your student used this intervention this year?

* We are considering providing an additional academic support program for students next year before or after school.  Would you use such a a program?

* What kind of academic support would be most helpful to your family?

* My student is a ________ grader.   (Please check all that apply if you have more than one child at Sunset)

* Are you interested in receiving more information from us?  

* Do you have any other comments or suggestions that will help us in planning for next year at Sunset?

* Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.  It will help us improve instruction and better meet the needs of our students and families.