* 1. In what zip code is your home located?

* 3. Do you currently have a dog?

* 4. If yes, how many dogs do you have? Please tell us how many dogs you have: 

* 5. How often do you visit a Salt Lake City park with a designated off leash dog area?

* 6. Please check the three parks you utilize the most:

* 7. How far from your home is the nearest designated off leash area?

* 8. What times do you usually use the park? Check all that apply.

* 9. Do you support off leash hours for dogs in non-fenced in park areas?

* 10. Are there issues related to dog parks that concern you? Please rate your satisfaction with the following: 0 = No problems 4 = Many problems

  0 1 2 3 4
Conflicts between dogs
User group conflicts
Location (proximity to houses)
Location (too far from my home)
Maintenance: Ground/Trail
Maintenance: Poop bag replacement
Maintenance: Garbage service
Access to water and/or shade
Number of benches
Noise level of dogs or people
Dogs off leash outside designated area
Off leash area (congestion)

* 11. In terms of possible dog park amenities, how would you rate the following?

  Not Important Somewhat Important Very Important
Ground Surface Material –Grass
Ground Surface Material – Mulch
Ground Surface Material – Crushed stone
Water Source for pets
Separate area for small dogs
Animal Control Enforcement
Benches for people
More garbage cans and/or dog bags

* 12. Would you be willing to volunteer at a dog park to: (Select all that apply)

* 13. If you are interested in volunteering at a dog park, please share your name and preferred contact information (e.g. email or phone number) and location(s) to volunteer

* 14. Are there any other comments you would like to share with us?