This survey is intended to seek the thoughts and opinions of young people throughout the Diocese of Charleston. The Diocesan Youth Office values the input of the youth throughout the Diocese and is asking for your help so we can better plan to serve the young church in the coming years. This survey will be used by several different offices, but the main focus will be on what we can do better to serve the young church as we develop our new five - year plan.

* 1. What Parish do you attend?

* 2. What grade are you in?

* 3. Do you attend:

* 4. Describe your race/ethnicity:

* 5. Male or Female?

* 6. How were you invited to take the survey?

* 7. How often do you attend your parish’s youth ministry?

* 8. If you don’t attend youth group, what is the main reason why?

* 9. If you attend youth group, what is the main reason you go?

* 10. I feel valued as a member of our parish youth ministry program?

* 11. If you stopped going to youth group do you think anybody would know/or care?

* 12. Youth Ministry in my parish has helped me:

* 13. What was the first thing you noticed when you first started going to youth group?

* 14. What style would you rather encounter/learn your faith:

* 15. If you could tell your youth minister one thing – what would you say?

* 16. If you could tell your youth group one thing - what would you say?

* 17. Youth ministry should be more _________ and less __________.

* 18. Do you agree attending youth group helps prepare you for the real world?

* 19. Do you think you are being formed in your youth ministry program to share Christ with those around you?

* 20. Please rate the quality of religious instruction and education about faith that you think your parish/school offers you and people your age?

* 21. Which of the following has made the greatest impact in drawing you closer to Christ?

* 22. Which of the following best describes your Religious Education experience?

* 23. I feel my catechists were:

* 24. In my experience Religious Education is:

* 25. What do you think would improve your religious education experience?

* 26. How often do you go to Mass?

* 27. Do you enjoy going to Mass?

* 28. What would help improve your Church attendance

* 29. What is the main reason that you don’t go? (Check all that apply)

* 30. How often do you go to confession?

* 31. Have you ever considered a vocation to the priesthood or religious life?

* 32. Has anyone ever asked you about being called to a vocation?

* 33. How do you best share your faith?

* 34. What keeps you from sharing your faith?

* 35. How often do you do volunteer work at church, school, or your community?

* 36. How much does Church teaching affect your daily life and decisions?

* 37. How do you feel your parish accepts youth?

* 38. Youth are welcomed to take on active roles in ministries at your parish

* 39. How influential have the following people been in your faith?

  Very Much A fair amount Very Little No influence
A family member
Other than parents
Teacher/ Catechist
Youth Minister
Someone else

* 40. When do you feel closest to God?

* 41. What’s the most difficult thing about being Catholic?

* 42. I have a relationship with Christ:

* 43. I believe Jesus is truly present in the Eucharist:

* 44. I pray for the intercession of Mary and the Saints

* 45. Sex before marriage is sinful

* 46. Marriage is between one man and one woman:

* 47. All belief systems/ religions are equal:

* 48. Right and Wrong are a matter of personal opinion:

* 49. There is life after death:

* 50. God has determined what is right and wrong

* 51. How often do you pray?

* 52. I feel called to serve in a parish ministry

* 53. I will likely to continue to attend Mass when I go off to college/live outside of my parent's house

* 54. Do you think you will still be involved in the Catholic church in five years?

* 55. Have you ever thought about leaving the Catholic church?

* 56. Name the biggest challenge that youth face today:

* 57. What scares you about your future? (Please select all that apply)

* 58. How can the Church help youth that are hurting

* 59. What is one thing that you would like your Pastor to know?

* 60. What can your church do to get more youth involved?

* 61. Do you know what the Diocesan Youth Ministry Office does in the Diocese?

* 62. If you have attended, please rate:

  Life Changing Awesome Okay Bad experience N/A
Jr. High Rally
Jr. High CLI
Jr. High Young Ladies Retreat
Search Retreat Program
High School CLI
High School Youth Conference
High School Young Men's Retreat
High School Young Ladies Retreat
Core Training
National Catholic Youth Conference (NCYC)
Stand Up for Life Rally
World Youth Day
Diocesan Youth Evangelization Team

* 63. What is one thing that the Diocesan Youth Office should offer that we are not offering currently?

* 64. How important is social media, blogs, resources, from the Office of Youth Ministry?

* 65. Would you be interested in a special retreat just for juniors and seniors helping students get ready for college life?

* 66. If you would be interested in a special retreat for juniors and seniors, how long would you like the retreat?

* 67. Would you be interested in a work camp during the summer? (Basic schedule would be the following: Mass, Breakfast, Worksites, Afternoon seminars on Catholic social teaching; parish time, Free time, Dinner, Concert/Rally type evening with adoration/ reconciliation for a very low cost. Worksites would be at poor parishes/schools, soup kitchens, etc.)

* 68. What are your thoughts on having two different youth groups at your parish – a Hispanic youth group and everyone else youth group?

* 69. Have you had any interaction with the Diocesan Missionary Team (DMT)?

* 70. If yes, what was your experience?

* 71. Would you be interested in doing missionary work after high school?

* 72. Any additional comments?