This year's kickoff of the Southern Utah Film Festival was a great start to an event we believe can't become an important part of Southern Utah's culture. We need your help to make it even better next year. Please share your ideas by responding to the following questions.

* 1. What did you think about the documentaries themselves? We are not looking for your ideas on the times they were shown or where they were shown with this question. We are asking for your perspective on the quality of the documentaries offered in Kane County and the mix of films (ie: would you like to have seen more films with a Western theme, more with an environmental theme, more with some other theme or was the mix about right)

* 2. The documentaries were shown throughout the day and into the evening. What is your input regarding the time of day the films were shown?

* 3. The films were shown at the Crescent Moon Theater, Frontier Movie Town, the Old Barn behind Parry's Lodge and Angel Landing. What is your input regarding these venues? Are there other options we may want to consider?

* 4. What was your perspective on the amount we charged for attending the films, the gala reception and/or the gala at Angels Landing?

* 5. Did you have any problems finding out where or how to buy tickets?

* 6. After many of the documentaries, there was time for audience discussion. In some cases, this was very informal. In others, it was more structured. Do you have any recommendations about the value of these discussions and how they might be improved if at all.

* 7. Do you have any recommendations regarding the Gala Reception?

* 8. Do you have any recommendations regarding the Gala at Angels Landing at which the Symphony of the Canyons performed followed by a brief video about the mission of Best Friends Animal Society and viewing of The Legend of Pancho Barnes?

* 9. During DOCUTAH, there were several workshops about various aspects of documentary filmmaking. Most of these workshops were poorly attended. Do you have any recommendations about how we might make the workshops more appealing to the public.

* 10. During DOCUTAH, several outdoor venues were used including Angels Landing. We felt these venues were critical to branding the film festival and making it a world class experience. However, this choice creates challenges regarding the time of the year event must occur. What is your input regarding this challenge?

* 11. Do you have any other comments or recommendations?