Media Stockade is a company that specialises in documentary storytelling and social impact campaigns.  We believe documentaries can be a powerful way to engage communities, deepen understanding and empathy around important issues and create positive social impact. We are conducting some research to help us better assist organisations harness the power of documentaries. We really want to hear from you about what topics you're interested in and how you might like to use documentaries so we can help you to deliver the best possible experience. Your participation in this survey is greatly appreciated!

* 1. What kind of organisation do you work in?

* 2. How many staff are employed in your organisation?

* 3. Do you currently use films and documentaries for any of the following activities?

* 4. If you don't use film and documentary, would your organisation be interested in its use for any of the above activities?

* 5. Tell us about the last documentary you watched that you really enjoyed.  What was the name of the film and why did you like it?

* 6. What areas of interest is your organisation interested in exploring?

* 7. How often would you be interested to screen documentaries to an audience?

* 8. If you have a room at your workplace available for screening documentaries what is the seating capacity?

* 9. What sort of screening equipment does your workplace have access to?

* 10. Would you be interested in any of the following activities, to enhance the experience of documentary screening events?

Thank you for taking the time to fill in our survey!  We'd be super grateful if you could forward a link to our survey to a client or friend who you think might have an interest in using documentary in the workplace.

* 11. Would you like to receive information from us in future about using documentaries in your workplace?

* 12. Contact Information