To ensure quality and continuous improvement, Libraries Australia encourages direct feedback from course participants. We would appreciate your completion of this online evaluation form.

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* 5. How would you rate the following:

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Overall course
Course presentation
Training guide
Online sessions/exercises

* 6. I am able to locate training logins and log in to the LADD Training database

* 7. I understand the ILRS code and interlibrary loan etiquette

* 8. I understand Copyright basics

I know how to...

* 9. edit my own Location

* 10. suspend my own Location

* 11. configure reciprocal arrangements

* 12. search for Locations

I understand how to perform a...

* 13. simple bib search in LADD

* 14. advanced bib search in LADD

When creating a request I understand...

* 15. the difference between a loan and a copy

* 16. the authorisation status must be 'To be authorised'

* 17. that I only need to fill in fields I require

* 18. how to use the blank loan request form

I am aware that when the 'Check Manual' error message occurs...

* 19. it is because the request has reached the end of the rota without being supplied

* 20. I can create a new request using the Request Action button

I know how to...

* 21. cancel a request

* 22. renew a request

* 23. complete a request

* 24. I know how to change a 'For Manual Authorisation' request to a 'To Be Authorised' request

* 25. I know the difference between 'Our Number' and 'Their Number'

I know how to...

* 26. find requests requiring action

* 27. find requests that have not been supplied

* 28. find requests that have completed the ILL cycle

* 29. When shipping an item I know how to enter an amount into the Base Cost field and click on the 'Caluclate New Cost' button

* 30. As a responder I know when to action a request with Answer Conditional

* 31. I understand how to use Work Queues to find requests that require actions

* 32. I know how to bulk print requests

I know how to...

* 33. create a request so that it can be supplied by DocStore

* 34. attach documents using DocStore

* 35. access documents sent via DocStore

* 36. I understand how the 'History trail' works

* 37. I understand how Email Alerts work and how to subscribe to them.

* 38. I understand how to extract reports about my ILL activity using the Report function

* 39. I know where to find the LADD User Guides

* 40. What was the best aspect of the training?

* 41. Were there any areas of the training that could be improved?

* 42. I would like to have spent more time learning about...

* 43. Would you recommend this training to others? Why/why not?

* 44. Do you have any further comments?

Thank you very much for taking the time to complete this evaluation form.

Should you have any further comments about the standard of training you have received please contact the Libraries Australia Help Desk:

Online: via our enquiry form
Phone: 1800 026 155
Fax: 02 6273 1180
Mail: National Library of Australia Parkes Place, Canberra ACT 2600

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