* 1. Do you experience symptoms such as enlarged joints, joint deformities, nodules under your skin?

* 2. Do you feel a tingling sensation in the wrists and hands?

* 3. Do you experience pain in your forefoot?

* 4. Do you experience stiffness of joints especially in the morning?

* 5. Do you feel stiffness in your arms, legs, wrists, and fingers upon waking?

* 6. Do you have a hard time doing chores and house errands due to joint pain?

* 7. Are having trouble getting out of bed, getting inside and outside of the car, or walk a block?

* 8. Do you use an assistive device such as a cane, wheel chair, walker or grabber?

* 9. Do you have problems sleeping during night time due to joint pain?

* 10. Have you experienced any form of joint replacement?

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