We're interested in hearing from our wide range of customers about Dragon NaturallySpeaking version 12. Thoughtful feedback can influence priorities both for the present and the future. We hope you'll add YOUR perspective!

This survey will be studied by key members of all functional teams. (All responses will be confidential, and we do not ask you to provide your name.)

It can be completed in roughly 10 minutes and offers room for comments throughout and at the end. We very much appreciate your time!

PLEASE NOTE -- We cannot answer individual survey responses, but online resources include:

• Technical Support and Customer Service – www.nuance.com/support/dragon-naturallyspeaking includes policy and contact information (phone and Internet) as well as hardware information, Knowledgebase and a Forum where a wide range of users exchange tips and discuss potential enhancements.

• Training – www.nuance.com/for-individuals/by-product/dragon-for-pc/existing-customers/dragon-training includes videos, user guides including Bluetooth, the latest illustrated workbook, and partners who provide individualized services remotely or in person.

• www.nuance.com/for-individuals/by-product/dragon-for-pc/getting-started-version-12 : cheat sheets, demos, and more.

(Please remember that this survey cannot serve as a channel to connect with Support or Service. If you are experiencing an issue, please see the links above.)

Thank you!

The Dragon Desktop Product Team

Nuance Communications

Note for Mac users: we plan to distribute a similar survey on Dragon Dictate for Mac 3 in the coming weeks.

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* 1. What edition of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 did you purchase? (If you did not purchase it but received it as a gift or from your employer, please use the Comment field to note it.)

Question Title

* 2. How long have you been using Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

Question Title

* 3. Did you download Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12? If so, please comment on your experience with the download.

Question Title

* 4. Did you upgrade to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 12 a profile from an earlier version? Did you create a new profile in version 12? Please comment on your experience, as specifically as possible.

Question Title

* 5. How frequently do you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking? (Choose the best answer and feel free to comment.)

Question Title

* 6. What do you do with Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

  Frequently Rarely Never Not applicable to my edition of Dragon
Transcribe recorded audio (editions Premium and up)
Search the Web
Navigate the PC (e.g. opening folders)
Modify existing documents
Manage emails (forward, delete, move…)
Write casual text (e.g. IM, personal mail, to-do lists, journaling)
Write "formal" text (e.g. formal correspondance, professional/school assignments)
Insert boilerplate with custom commands (editions Premium and up)
Work wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset (editions Premium and up)
Work wirelessly with the Remote Microphone app on a smartphone or other device over Wi-Fi

Question Title

* 7. The Dragon Sidebar is a resizable window (available from the Help menu) meant to help discover and remember commands and tips. By default, it is docked to the right of the screen and opens automatically when the profile opens.

Please comment on your experience with the Sidebar, and on what if anything you would suggest changing about the Sidebar.

Question Title

* 8. In Dragon 12, we introduced the Interactive Tutorial. Available from the Help menu, it offers progressive lessons to help users learn important best practices, such as the “go back” command.

What would you suggest regarding the Interactive Tutorial? (Select all that apply)

Question Title

* 9. In text fields like DragonPad and Word, Dragon has Full Text Control -- meaning ALL its capabilities for dictating and editing text (e.g. the first word is capitalized, spacing is adjusted after an insertion, correction and commands like “delete xyz” always work as expected). Where there isn't Full Text Control (such as in PowerPoint), one may wish to use the Dictation Box, a resizable intermediary (with customizable settings).

In Dragon 12, this box opens automatically if there isn't Full Text Control (this default can be turned off).

What do you think about the Dictation Box? Would you suggest any changes to its defaults? In which applications or circumstances do you use it? (Please use the Comment field.)

Question Title

* 10. In Dragon 12, we introduced a plug-in to Internet Explorer 9 (32-bit), Firefox, and Chrome which provides Full Text Control and some essential commands in Gmail and Hotmail.

How often do you use the following Web applications (either by voice or by hand)?

What do you wish you could do by voice in these Web applications? Please use the Comment field to indicate what Dragon capabilities, if any, you would suggest adding for which particular Web application.

  Daily Weekly Rarely Never I'm not familiar with this
Yahoo! Mail
Google Docs word processor
Google Calendar
Microsoft Office 365 word processor

Question Title

* 11. In which Web browser do you use Dragon NaturallySpeaking? Feel free to use the comment field (what actions do you currently perform by voice, what actions would you like to perform by voice...)

  Never Only for a few websites For most websites Always
Internet Explorer

Question Title

* 12. In Dragon 12 more than previous versions, you can disable some functionality to boost performance and avoid unintended actions. Also, you can make your profile more accurate by having Dragon learn from your sent emails and/or chosen documents, and by running acoustic and language model tuning (which updates your profile from the dictations you have done). Please indicate which options you use, and feel free to comment (including reasons for not using an option, suggested enhancements related to options...)

Question Title

* 13. What if Dragon NaturallySpeaking could have a conversation with you? What would you like to obtain with conversational commands? (For example, “Dragon, check Facebook for messages” or “Dragon, send an instant message to Joe”)

Question Title

* 14. What is your profession? (Please check all that apply and feel free to use the Comment field to specify)

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* 15. Please feel free to use the field below for any additional comments or feedback, including what you suggest prioritizing for the next release or for the resources on our website (including Support's KnowledgeBase).