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Help us select the title for our upcoming Q&A series!

Discover Nikkei is starting a new virtual programs initiative. We will be presenting an ongoing series of Q&As, approximately 30 min. each, with various DiscoverNikkei.org contributors as guests.
The programs will be live-streamed on our YouTube channel (youtube.com/discovernikkei) and also shared via the website and social media afterwards.
We need your help!
Help us select a name for this new series. As with all Discover Nikkei titles, it needs to be something that will translate into our site languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese).

Survey closes October 4, 2020.

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* 1. Which name for the new Q&A series do you prefer? (Check all that you like)

*Nima is short for Nikkei Nakama (“nakama” meaning colleagues, fellows, or circle). Nima-kai is what we call our collective Discover Nikkei global community.

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* 2. What types of topics would you like to hear about?

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* 3. What type of guests would you be interested in seeing? Are there any particular Discover Nikkei contributors you would like to see?

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* 4. Are you interested in watching this series?

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* 5. Would you watch a program in these languages? (Check all that apply)

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