1. Welcome to the how to listen – workplace edition – cohort program

The purpose of this survey is to co-create and design a learning experience that moves you from knowing about listening and being a deep listener.
This program is designed to improve your listening in the workplace and sustain a lifelong listening practice.

This is about listening to you, understanding your current listening, and creating an effective learning experience.
The first step is taking your current measurements.
This is the first of five elements of the program including,
01 Assess
02 Understand
03 Adjust
04 Re-assess
05 Sustain
01 Assess – Understand your current capability with an extensive self-assessment of your listening awareness and current capabilities. This will form the baseline of the program and will be used at the end of the program to measure your improvement.
You will be assessed in your listening mindset before and during 1:1, group, and video conferences. You will be evaluated across ten dimensions of your listening.
Previous participants assessed their average listening overall improvement across the ten dimensions to be a 38% increase.
Shortly, you will complete the most thorough assessment of your workplace listening.
This is a baseline to help you understand your starting point. These measurements will help you celebrate your improvements throughout the program. You will take this assessment now and toward the end.
There are no right or wrong answers, no correct or incorrect reflections. We strongly recommend that your responses;
  • Consider your responses over a period of 12 months rather than last week
  • Answer quickly and honestly. If you are taking more than 1 minute to respond after reading the question, you are likely to be overthinking it
  • Listening in the workplace covers many contexts, situations, and relationships. If you are uncertain about which way meeting type, or relationship to respond from, select the context where you would like to make the most meaningful progress eg 1:1, team meetings, peer meetings, and respond from this perspective.
How long will this take?
Please allow 60 minutes to complete the survey.

The survey components include;
  1. About you, your workplace context, industry, and profession
  2. How you learn and make and sustain progress
  3. Your listening challenges
  4. Listening in the context of 1:1, group meetings, and video conferences
  5. Listening awareness before, during, and after the discussion
Listening is like dancing, it requires preparation, practice, persistence, and a practice partner to make progress.
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9% of survey complete.