You can see more information about the DKHAC Guardian Program on our website:

For Guardians with babies 6 months to toddlers up to 3 years. We build water confidence and provide experiences to help the parents better understand some of the foundations that will give children a positive experience in the water (respecting the skills and limitations of each child) 

For children over 3 years of age that want to continue their aquatic journey, we offer an optional Guardian Wonder level where children can begin to explore independence with their Guardian in preparation for lessons with a teacher-only structure.

If your child is 4 years old or above and you are looking for classes that do not have a parent / guardian in the water with the children, please follow our Learn-to-Swim enrolment process found here:

Our Guardian classes currently run at the following times / days:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
From 9:30am to 12:20pm
30 minute lessons with 5 minute gaps between each class
Lesson start times 9:30am / 10:05am / 10:40am / 11:15am / 11:50am

From 8:15am to 12:45pm
30 minute lessons with 5 minute gaps between each class, plus a 30 minute break at 10:30am for our teacher
Lesson start times 8:15am / 8:50am / 9:25am / 10:00am / 10:35am 30 minute break / 11:05am / 11:40am / 12:15pm

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