The CNEA is aiming to achieve representation from underrepresented groups in order to strive for a membership composition that is representative of the community it serves. Candidates may voluntarily choose to complete this Diversity Self-Declaration form at their own discretion; it is not mandatory. The questions in this section may be skipped. All self-declaration information is kept confidential. Designated groups are based on the Ontario Human Rights Code.

* 1. Please enter your name:

* 2. Female: Females may be considered a diversity candidate if their occupation is considered to be managerial or non-traditional in nature (optional)

* 3. Indigenous Peoples: Indigenous Peoples in Ontario include: status, non-status; First Nations; Métis; and Inuit. Which group are you a member of (optional)?

* 4. Visible Minority Group: Persons, other than Indigenous Peoples, who are non-Caucasian in race or non-white in colour. Members of visible minorities may include: South Asian; Chinese; Black; Filipino; Latin American; Arab; Southeast Asian; West Asian; Korean; Japanese; or a Multiple Visible Minority, meaning a combination sourced from the above minorities. Please check all categories that apply to you (optional).

* 5. Persons with Disabilities: The term “disability” covers a broad range and degree of conditions, which include both visible and non-visible disabilities (optional).

Thank you for your interest in the CNEA Community-at-Large Appointment volunteer opportunities. We appreciate your completion of this online application. If you have not received confirmed acknowledgement of your application, please take a moment to follow-up with the Corporate Secretariat.

Please direct questions or inquires to the CNEA Corporate Secretariat at:

Sarah Fink
Corporate Secretary & Government Relations Manager
Phone: 416.263.5201
Email: sfink@theex.com


Linda Costa
Assistant to  Corporate Secretary & Government Relations Manager
Phone: 416.263.5202
Email: lcosta@theex.com