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Application Overview

Applications are closed for the following courses: Please find another course that you are interested in. If you don't see any available please check the website as courses are added often.

Applications are processed on Mondays. If you have an emergency scholarship need, please contact

Seminars require a minimum of 1 week for processing. Certification courses require a minimum of 1 month for processing.

We're delighted that you're interested in pursuing AEDP training.

Our scholarships are limited, so we urge you to honestly assess whether you can afford this training without assistance. Please consider whether you truly need the scholarship to attend.

To apply, ensure you answer all questions in order to support your scholarship application for this course. Incomplete applications will not be processed.

Lastly, it's important to note that if you can afford the course but still receive a scholarship, it takes away funding from therapists who genuinely require it. We appreciate your honesty and integrity in providing the requested information. Your authenticity is crucial in ensuring fairness to all applicants.

Thank you, and we wish you the best in your pursuit of AEDP training.

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* 2. AEDP Institute Scholarships are tailored to specific courses. Kindly provide the name and date of the particular course, training, or seminar for which you are seeking a scholarship.

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* 3. First name

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* 4. Last name

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* 5. Professional Suffix (LCSW, MFT, PhD, etc.)

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* 6. Email Address

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* 7. Phone Number we can use to reach you during a course/ including country code for numbers outside the USA

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* 8. Home Address

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* 9. Course Eligibility

North America: Licensed mental health practitioners as well as therapists practicing under the license of a supervising professional.

Beyond North America: Mental health professionals who hold licensure equivalent to North American standards including ongoing affiliation with an organization responsible for issuing and overseeing mental health credentials in their country or region.

Please be aware that coaching licenses and other non-psychotherapy specific licenses are not accepted.

If you have a question about your eligibility for this course please contact with your credentials before applying.

Note that licensing requirements differ depending on the country, state, or province. While we are familiar with licensing procedures in the U.S., we defer to local AEDP practitioners for information regarding education, licensing, and regulations in other areas.

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* 10. If you are an intern working under an eligible supervisors license, please provide your supervisor's name, license type and license number.

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