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The discussion on the future of audit and assurance stems from FEE’s firm belief that the audit profession should have the courage to question itself, especially at this time, when there are new developments in audit policy.

The paper seeks to:

• Initiate and encourage reflection for developing a vision that could result in potential longer-term developments in audit, assurance and related services;
• Engage with outside stakeholders to discuss our services and how they should evolve in the future.

Answers are welcome to the following questions with supporting arguments and examples.

Practical information:

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• Therefore, we strongly advise you to read the discussion paper beforehand and to prepare your responses to the specific questions before entering the online survey.
• If you are not comfortable with a particular question, do not hesitate to skip it.
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(1) FEE (Fédération des Experts comptables Européens - Federation of European Accountants) is an international non-profit organisation based in Brussels that represents 48 institutes of professional accountants and auditors from 36 European countries, including all of the 28 European Union (EU) Member States.

FEE has a combined membership of more than 800.000 professional accountants, working in different capacities in public practice, small and large accountancy firms, businesses of all sizes, government and education - all of whom contribute to a more efficient, transparent and sustainable European economy.