1. Discharge Case #5

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Discharge Handoff Curriculum: Case #5

Last Case! You're almost done.

Scenario- once again, you are the outpatient PCP reading this summary before you see this patient for a hospital follow-up visit.

Take 3 mins and briefly skim this summary. See if you can identify some safety issues for this patient.
Reference articles: Patient Safety Concerns Arising from Test Results... (Roy et al, 2005): click here. Transition of Care for Hospitalized Elderly Patients (Halasyamani et al, 2006): click here.

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* 2. Any obvious strengths or weaknesses of this discharge summary?

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* 3. Overall, how would you rate the quality of this summary? Do you think this summary would be helpful or harmful?

  Likely to help provide safe care Possibily helpful Neutral Possibily harmful Likely to cause patient harm
Rate the D/C summary quality:

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* 4. What safety concerns do you have regarding this patient? What feedback would you have for the creator of this summary? What do you think could be improved?