1. Discharge Handoff Case #2

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Discharge Handoff Curriculum: Case #1

Scenario: Pretend again that you are a busy primary care provider. You have 20 minutes scheduled to see each patient. You are about to enter a room and you see the RN lists "hospital follow-up vist" as this patient's chief complaint. Luckily, you go to the patient's chart and are able to find a completed discharge summary (I say you are lucky because the national average is <20% for PCP's having a D/C summary available at the first follow-up appointment). In order to actually spend some time with your patient... you can only take 3 minutes to read the following summary and decide what items you will need to address during your visit.

This is an example of a computerized summary which used many auto-populated fields. Please read the case carefully and answer the following questions:
Reference articles: Deficits in Communication (Kriplani et al, 2007): click here.

* 2. Please enter 2 strengths and 2 weaknesses/deficiencies that you observed with this discharge summary:

* 3. Overall, how would you rate the quality of this discharge summary? Do you think this summary would be helpful or harmful?

  Likely to help provide safe care Possibily helpful Neutral Possibily harmful Likely to cause patient harm
Rate the D/C summary quality:

* 4. After reading this document ... what further questions would you have for the inpatient team about this patient? What medical issues would you like clarified?

* 5. What specific patient safety concerns would you have for this patient? What adverse events do you think are most likely to occur?