We need your feedback

The NDIA has a stated target of having 15% of their staff as people living with disability; and we think that this makes a lot of sense, particularly for an agency looking after Australians living with a disability. 

We are concerned however, that the NDIA may not be doing everything it needs to do to support workers with a disability, and to ensure they have full and equal access to the workplace, and to have thriving careers in the public service.  We want to know about your experience, either as a staff member of the NDIA with a disability, or from your experience as an advocate, carer or colleague of someone living with disability. 

We’d like to learn from your experiences, and use this knowledge to work with your management to make NDIA a better, fairer and safer place to work for everyone.

Please complete the short survey below.

All responses will be treated in confidence and will be presented to management as ‘CPSU member feedback’ during any consultation activities.