Welcome to The Digital Competitiveness Bundle Registration Survey!

Thank you for joining our region-wide initiative to "e-gear" up so that our tourism businesses can better compete with the rest of BC and the world!

This 10-minute survey will be the biggest step to take. Providing thorough and complete information in the survey will expedite the consultation step and will fast-track results for your business.

Note: there are a few technical questions in this sign-up form, so if you are completing this form but another member of your team is taking the lead for technical aspects, it may be helpful to have them complete it alongside you.

Please be assured that if you don't have the information available right now, do not worry! Your digital expert will be there to assist!

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* 1. Ready to get started?

*If you are unsure if your business is registered on landwithoutlimits.com you can search the partner page/map here - click on the "Listings" filter and search your business name

**eligible tourism businesses include overnight accommodation options and recreational tourism experience providers within Cariboo Chilcotin Coast regional boundaries.
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