This survey asks for your feedback after using the Digiskills Good Practice Inventory.

Your feedback supports the Digiskills project, a 3 year long European initiative for setting up a network to support ICT use in education.

If you haven't done it yet, please go to and browse through the good practices. When done, register as a user and share a good practice for teachers and trainers to use.

Question Title

* 1. Now it's time to give your feedback on the Digiskills Platform. Please rate the below issues regarding the usage of Digiskills Platform

  I strongly disagree I somewhat disagree I somewhat agree I strongly agree
The Platform design is user-friendly and you can easily track, navigate and find the information in the Platform.
The User Menu of the platform is clear and easy to use
The Manuals and Helpdesk of the platform are useful and helpful.
The Platform has a nice graphic and web-design
The speed of downloading the different pages and contents of the Platform is good.
The FAQ are useful and helpful
The comment functionality is easy to use and effective
The Discussion functionality was useful and easy to use.

Question Title

* 2. What suggestions would you make to enhance the platform and improve its capabilities?