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* 1. This confidential comment box is now open.  This comment box should be used for constructive comments and concerns by current residents. The residency is dedicated to fostering an environment of open and honest communication at all levels of training. You are encouraged to speak directly with members of residency leadership, or other trusted faculty/staff, about your concerns. If you do not feel comfortable doing so, you can also reach out to our ombudsperson (Dr. Christine Welles:, or our ACGME Designated Institutional Officer (DIO), Dr. Abraham Nussbaum (, who serves as a third party to help resolve grievances and offer guidance for concerns. Other options include the Denver Health Values line at 1-800-273-8452.

**If you have specific concerns about the mental health or wellbeing of a resident or member of our faculty/staff, please immediately contact residency leadership. You may also contact Colorado Physician Health Program to provide confidential support without involvement of the Colorado Medical Board** CPHP:, 303-860-0122

** Please check the box if you want this addressed outside of the residency leadership by the department and/or the institution. Checking the box means that the associated comment will be immediately escalated to the Director of Service and Denver Health Human Resources. Types of comments that could fall into this category included: professional misconduct, harassment, and/or retaliation.

Otherwise, please proceed to question #2 to express your concerns to Residency Leadership.

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* 2. What's going on? What can we do to make it better?