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The Effluent and Manure Management Database for the Australian Dairy Industry (“the Database”) was first released in 2008 to:
• provide a nationally accepted technical resource to be used as the basis for extension and education programs,
• document information to support practical design of on-farm systems as well as regulation on environmental protection, and
• identify any information gaps that need to be addressed by future research projects.
The Database was developed with the intent for it to be reviewed and up-dated on a regular basis to ensure that the information it contains is current and continuing to reflect best practice.

Dairy Australia has requested a technical working group review and revise the Database so that it continues to meet the above objectives. That group is now looking for feedback from users of the Database prior to releasing a 2nd edition targeted for mid 2012.

If you have any feedback on the Database, please follow the following link and you will be guided through a short (5 minute) survey. Your feedback is important and all suggestions will be considered for the 2nd edition. All responses will remain anonymous.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott Birchall, Murray Dairy - Dairying for Tomorrow Regional Coordinator (0458 210 604).