100% of survey complete.

1. Full Name

2. Age

3. Primary Phone Contact

4. Primary Email Contact

5. What school do you currently work at?

6. What subjects are you certified to teach?

7. What subject(s) and grade(s) will you (most likely) be teaching in the 2012-2013 school year?

8. What grades and subjects have you previously taught?

9. How long have you been employed at your current school?

10. How long have you worked in the field of education? What positions have you held besides instructor if any?

11. Please rate your INTEREST in incorporating the following into your classroom:

  Lots Some None
Web (blogs, Facebook, twitter, readers, youtube, skype, flickr, etc)
Graphics (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)
Video (production, Movie-Maker, digital capturing, etc)
Audio (Apple GarageBand, sound recordings, etc.)

12. What technology do you have available for use in your classroom, school, and district?
List every technology (e.g. long-distance conference rooms, Microsoft Office, digital cameras, document projectors, etc) available for your direct use in your classroom.

13. What do you believe is the purpose of education today? What do you believe SHOULD be the purpose of education today? Please answer both questions.

14. How can media and technology be used to support your students' critical thinking, creativity and collaboration? If you have a sample lesson which demonstrates your answer, please describe it below. For example, you might describe a lesson you have taught or would teach to demonstrate your response.

15. Please describe your experiences with community-organizing or working with youth outside of the school setting, either currently or in the past. Please include a description of specific practices and methods of effective relationship-building that you have learned through this work. Be specific and list years and locations of the work.

16. How did you hear about the Detroit Future Schools program?

17. Will you be able to attend AMP Camp, the DFS mandatory network retreat the week of August 18th?