For the last three years, the Diversity & Flexibility Alliance's (the Alliance) Law Firm Flexibility Benchmarking Survey has shown that a majority of participating firms have a formal telecommuting policy, but on average, less than 10 percent of lawyers in these firms are using the policy. Yet, virtually all firms report lawyers who telecommute on an informal basis. We are conducting this quick poll to better understand the gap between the availability of telecommuting policies and formal usage in the legal profession, in furtherance of the Alliance’s charge to promote flexible work for all.

The Alliance invites lawyers and other legal professionals within law firms, corporations, non-profits, government agencies, and other legal employers to participate in this poll. Your organization does not need to be a member of the Alliance to participate. Your participation will be anonymous and any findings from this poll will be reported in the aggregate. The poll takes no more than five minutes to complete.

Thank you for participating in our pulse poll. Your feedback is important.