The purpose of this study is to assess the current state of play of digital automation as well as the main factors influencing the digital automation process. The focus of the study is on four professional services sectors (i.e. engineering, architectural, legal and accounting) and twelve selected EU Member States (i.e. Belgium, Croatia, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden).

Within the scope of this study, Digital Automation is referred to as the adoption of digital technologies with the aim of improving the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes, ranging from the enhancement of skills, competencies and human knowledge to the automation of repetitive / standardized tasks. For the purpose of this study, digital automation includes advanced technologies such as those listed within the questionnaire, while more basic and ubiquitous solutions such as e-mails, text-editing applications, spreadsheets, etc. are not included.

Your contribution will enable the study to capture information on the digital automation process from a demand-side point of view by assessing your customer experience and your perception / expectations of the digital automation developments.

The expected completion time is around 10 minutes and you can keep track of your progress throughout the questionnaire. Please note that within the Glossary (that can be accessed by clicking on it) there are definitions for all the underlined words. The definitions are given in alphabetical order.

Full anonymity is guaranteed, and any specific detail gathered will be used only in an aggregated way. All questionnaires will be processed under strict respect of the EU data protection rules.

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