Each year, the Awards Committee of the Alumni Council selects a handful of outstanding alumni who have devoted time, energy and resources to the betterment of the University and alumni at large, participated actively in community and professional organizations, and made a significant contribution in a chosen field. These individuals are recognized during Homecoming weekend each fall.

All alumni, faculty, and staff are encouraged to nominate alumni for recognition! Several award categories are based on an individual's major or field, such as animal science, business administration, plant science, science, and secondary education. Other award categories include the Continuing Education award, National Farm School Award, The Arthur Brown Award, and The President’s Distinguished Alumnus Award (final selection made by the President of the University). In addition, nominations are encouraged for the Faculty/Staff Award given to an active or living retired member of the faculty, administration or staff who has prepared students to be outstanding leaders in their chosen profession and their community and has devoted time, energy and resources to encourage and congratulate students on their accomplishments.

Criteria for the Alumni Achievement Awards include:

·         A graduate or attendee of Delaware Valley University, or its predecessors, Delaware Valley College, The National Farm
          School or National Agricultural College.

·         An alumnus who has demonstrated loyalty to the Alumni Association and the University.

·         Has made a significant contribution in his/her chosen field.

·         Participated actively in the Community and Professional Organizations.