In August 2010 the Council published Delivering Capital Growth. The document sets the Council's vision for Edinburgh in 2030 and presents the strategy to get there.

The strategy sets out thew next steps in Edinburgh's sustainable development. It identificed the challenges the city faces, presents a twenty year visions and identifies key actions for the Council and its partners to ensure the continued physical renewal anf growth of Scotland's Capital. The strategy focuses on the next stages of the city's transformation which are underway, including the tram, Princes Street, BioQuarter, the wider city centre and the waterfront.

In September 2011, the Council will publish its first annual Delivering Capital Growth Monitoring report. As well as monitoring progress towards achieving the overal 2030 vision, the report will also identify how and where Delivering Capital Growth has been used and to what extent it has been useful. The following questionnaire will be used as the principal method of gathering feedback.