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The purpose of the Delaware Nursing History Project is to document and preserve nursing history. DNA member Dr. Jane Kurz has agreed to the lead this project on behalf of the Delaware Nurses Association.

The project has IRB approval through La Salle University and requires the completion of the consent agreement.

From Dr. Jane Kurz:

DNA would like to talk with registered nurses who were licensed on or before 1975 about their past nursing experiences. Your stories are valuable and we are concerned that the nursing world will soon lose this communal wisdom.

The collection of nurses’ stories and perspectives will help current practicing nurses appreciate the past, define the present, and influence the future of nursing. I want to invite you to participate in the nursing history research study.

After reading and signing the consent agreement, the next page will ask for demographic information followed by the fourteen questions. You are not obligated to respond to all of the questions.

You may be contacted after completing the survey for clarification or expansion of submitted information.

If you would prefer to participate by personal interview, please contact Dr. Kurz at or via phone at (302) 377-3641.

Thank you for agreeing to participate in the project!

Delaware Nurses Association
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