As part of the RESNET emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic national emergency, RESNET adopted a voluntary temporary protocol to allow certified RESNET HERS® Raters and Rating Field Inspectors to use default values for airtightness and duct leakage testing for HERS Ratings.  To implement this protocol RESNET adopted an emergency interim standard amendment, Addendum 48i.

Addendum 48i provides Rating Providers, HERS Raters and RFIs a table of default values that account for the energy impact of building enclosure and air distribution systems leakage to be used in calculating ratings when the Standard ANSI/RESNET/ICC 380 tests are not conducted.

This interim amendment is in effect for a period of 120 days beginning on April 20, 2020, but may be revisited by RESNET as necessary in light of developments with the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will take a full RESNET standard amendment along with the public review and comment process to extend this period.

Prior to a decision, RESNET staff will need to understand the use and effectiveness of this option.

Please take the short three question survey by Monday July 6, 2020

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* 1. Are you currently using default testing values for ratings during the COVID-19 pandemic?

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* 2. How often are you using the option?

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* 3. If you have used the default testing values, how effective were they?

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