Overview of Guidance from Schools:

The California Department of Public Health and the Butte County Department of Public Health states that schools should follow the COVID-19 Industry Guidance: Schools and School-Based Programs. In summary, this means we must follow the face covering mandate (required for all adults and students 3rd grade and above), safe cleaning practices and social distancing (to the extent practicable).

Currently, Durham Unified is able to meet all of these guidance requirements in our blended program because a little less than half of our students attend each day.

Traditional Program Data: During normal circumstances (with students attending every day) DUSD can have anywhere from 24 to 38 students in classrooms across the district.

If the state of California continues with its COVID-19 rating system (more details below) DUSD has no practical way of meeting the social distance guidance with all students attending every day.

To date, the DUSD Board Trustees have voted to follow all guidance based on direction from state and county health departments and advice from legal counsel.

The District is developing plans for the second semester (which begins Jan. 25) and is seeking input from the community and staff. For example, do we believe it would be prudent to transition back to full daily attendance if our county changes to the yellow tier (less than 1 case per 100,000 people)?

What happens when there is a certified positive COVID-19 test for a staff member or student?
  • The staff member/ student that tested positive must isolate for 10 days.
  • Any person that was a direct close contact of the person with the positive test must also quarantine for 14 days.
  • In the DUSD blended model, the number of students/staff that would be considered a direct close contact would likely be very small because with the smaller number of students attending we are able to minimize the amount of time anyone is within 6 feet of other people.
  • In a traditional model, we would have several students in every classroom within 6 feet of each other for 15 minute periods of time. If a student tested positive, it is likely that several more students would be required to quarantine at home for 14 days. This would be compounded in 7th through 12th where students would be within 6 feet of many different students every period of the day.