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* 2. Please indicate the date and time you are completing your checkout:

($100 improper checkout fee)
As I leave for the semester break on or before Friday, December 20th @ 5pm, I acknowledge that it is my responsibility to: 

1. Fill out Residential Satisfaction Survey.
2. Fill out LLC Service Log (LLC Residents Only).
--- Room Specific Check Out Procedures ---
3. Remove all personal items from the room.
      Double check ALL drawers and shelves.
4. Open room curtains/blinds.
5. Clean room & dispose of trash (properly).
6. Turn off lights -- lock your door on the way out.
7. Unplug and defrost your fridge

My room must be left clean and in good condition to avoid any additional charges being assessed to my Student Account.  I further understand that my room will be inspected over the semester break by my Residence Hall Staff.  Lastly, I understand that by performing an Electronic Check-out, I waive my right to appeal any damage charges that are assessed on my Student Account. By clicking "SUBMIT" below, I am agreeing to the aforementioned information.