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* 1. Dear member of the Blue Network program,

End of last year, we implemented a distributor locator on the Blue Network website ( With this new functionality, which came from dealers of the Blue Network program, you have the possibility to easily locate our distributors, as well as a high-level list of which Pentair products they support.

It is now time to implement a dealer locator on the website, enabling end-users to locate and contact you, the members of the Blue Network program should they require a dealer.

This will give an increased visibility of your presence to end-users!

The intention of today’s communication is to seek your approval should you want to be part of this new dealer locator.

If you would like to participate in the new dealer locator program, please respond to this communication with the following information.  We will only include dealers in this program who respond affirmatively to this communication. 
·  Your company name
·  Its location
·  A contact email
·  A phone number
·  A website (optional)
·  Plus a confirmation of the scope of your activity to help end-user understand if
     o   You are able to install a part or a system
     o   You are able to do the maintenance of an existing installation a system
     o   You can sell parts, consumables or systems

If you are providing contact details that are considered personal information to your personnel, you confirm that you have provided your personnel any necessary notice to and obtain any legally-required consent from your personnel for Pentair’s use of their personal information in the dealer locator program.
There is no obligation to participate to the dealer locator and it is free. We will only be listing those dealers that will have accepted to be part of it. Condition to be part of this dealer locator is to have reached at least the Blue loyalty level, ie to have a minimum of 200 points.
With this added visibility, we expect Blue Network members to supply as much as possible Pentair products to the quotations they will receive. In order to make this dealer locator a success for all, such quotations should be answered within three working days at the latest.

Furthermore, as a continued effort to support your activity, we have been and will continue to forward any end-user lead from your region that we receive. Selection as to which dealer the leads are sent to is the decision of our Dealer Development Specialists based on the closest dealer to the end-user.