1. Plain Language Statement

6% of survey complete.

Date: June 2011

Full Project Title: Social, Cognitive and Economic Factors as Mediators and Moderators of the Relationship between Life Stressors and Patterns of Alcohol Consumption in Adults.

Principal Researcher: Associate Professor Lina Ricciardelli

Student Researcher: Jose Molina

This Plain Language Statement and Consent form is 3 pages long. Please make sure you have all pages.

1. Your consent

You are invited to take part in a new project on the drinking habits of Australian adults. This plain Language Statement contains detailed information about the research project. Whether you choose to take part in the project is completely up to you. You will be provided with a consent form which you can complete if you agree to participate in the research.

2. Purpose and Background

The purpose of our project is to examine the drinking patterns and the risk factors for high alcohol use among adults aged between 18 and older. Some of these factors include stressful life events, social support, coping styles and attitudes about alcohol. This project is being conducted by Jose Molina for his Doctor in Clinical Psychology.

3. Funding

This research is supported and funded by Deakin University

4. Procedure

This study will include 400 Australian men and women. The questionnaire includes questions relating to drinking habits and expectancies; social support; coping strategies and background information. It will take about 40 minutes of your time to complete (either online or hard-copy). In order to examine individual changes and how these aspects change, you will be required to complete the questions three times, six months apart.

Examples of the type of questions that you will be asked:
a) How often did you drink wine, beer, or spirits DURING THE PAST MONTH?

None in last month
Less than once a week
Once or twice a week
3-4 days a week Every day

b) Did you take on a large mortgage, loan, or financial obligation IN THE LAST YEAR?

c) Think about the most important problem or stressful situation you have experienced IN THE LAST 12 MONTHS:

Have you ever faced a problem like this before?

Definitely No
Mainly No
Mainly Yes
Definitely Yes

Once your questionnaire is completed and submitted, your responses will be sent directly to a database. If you would like a hard copy of the survey please send an email with your address to jmmol@deakin.edu.au. If you complete a hard-copy questionnaire, please return it using the reply paid envelope provided.

5. Possible Benefits

This research is important as Australia has a high prevalence of alcohol consumption and in order to design prevention strategies it is important to understand the different factors that influence drinking behaviour.

6. Possible risks

No physical or psychological harms to participants are expected. Questions contained within the questionnaire are not intrusive in nature. However, it is possible that answering questions relating to alcohol consumption, health and drinking habits may raise concerns about your drinking habits. If you have any concerns about your health we suggest you contact your general practitioner or DirectLine calling 1800 888 236.