We'd like to know a little bit about you. The information you provide in the following questions will be used help us better understand our audience.

* 1. Please rate your top three* reasons for attending DrupalCon Prague.
*You must select 3.

  Exceeded my expectations Met most of my expectations Met some of my expectations Met none of my expectations
Personal networking
Business networking
Session content
To collaborate on a project
To find a job
To hire
Build my Drupal skills
Conference was close by
Conference location was attractive
Find a vendor

* 2. Was the value you received from the conference worth the price you paid?

* 3. Rank the following DrupalCon events, based on their usefulness to you.

  Very Useful Somewhat Useful Somewhat UN-useful Not Very Useful Did not attend this
Contribution Sprints
Business Showcase
Exhibit Hall
Drupal Training
DrupalCon CXO
Community Summit
DrupalCon Events
Business development