Club DC Membership Agreement 2018

Code of Conduct for Club Members-

Club student members must adhere to the code of conduct to qualify and participate in Club events and the trip.
Each member will demonstrate the following behaviors at all meetings, class activities, fundraising events, and while on the trip. Failure to meet the code of conduct will result in removal from the Club and all associated activities.

The student member will:
1. be responsible for meeting posted deadlines, turning in forms at specified times and dates as required for fundraisers and required club information
2. attend the REQUIRED Family Meeting in February or March
3. attend the two (2) REQUIRED after school Member Meetings
absence from a required meeting may be grounds for removal from the trip and the Club
4. maintain a pattern of satisfactory citizenship as outlined in the following Rules of Eligibility
5. not earn a referral for academic dishonesty, detention, or be suspended
6. demonstrate respect for his/her fellow members, students, club leaders, volunteers, and community

Rules of Eligibility for Club Members-

The member’s last 7th grade report card must not have more than one (1) N or U citizenship grade. If so, the member will be on probation until the first quarter report card.

The member may not earn more than one (1) N or U citizenship grade per quarter report card during their eighth (8th) grade year. If more than one (1) N or U has been received a meeting with Club leaders is required.

Members with three (3) or more N’s or U’s will be ineligible for the Club and trip.

If a member has five (5) or more unexcused tardies to school in one quarter, a meeting with Club leaders will be required.

Fundraising is optional for all members and not a required part of membership.

Membership fees are non-refundable

Fundraising, pay in full, and monthly trip payments all require paid membership.

I have read and agree to adhere to the Club Code of Conduct and Rules of Eligibility

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