Career Insights Feedback Survey


This survey will take 3-5 minutes of your time. Your feedback is highly appreciated and results will be treated with the utmost privacy and confidentiality.

* 1. 你能否在Career Insights裡找到你的職位?
Were you able to find your job role in Career Insights?

* 2. 你認為在Career Insights上提供的職位資料,哪項為最重要及最不重要?請排序(1=最不重要;5=最重要):
Now that you have experienced the newly launched Career Insights, please rank the usefulness of the followings information. (1 = Least important; 5 = Most important)

* 3. 你認為現時Career Insights能在以下各項功能上,為你的求職帶來幫助嗎?(1=非常不同意;5=非常同意)
After you have experienced the newly launched Career Insights, do you think jobsDB is able to help you in managing your career with the following: (1 = Strongly disagree; 5 = Strongly agree)

  1 2 3 4 5
Be better prepared for interviews by providing relevant insights about the job.
Help me focus my time and effort when applying by displaying relevant information about the job.
Provided in-depth information about the job roles to help me make career decisions.
Be in control of my career through useful career advice

* 4. 除了Career Insights上提及的職位描述,以下哪些會是你希望從業內資深專業人士身上學到的職位資訊?(最多選三項)
Aside from job descriptions in Career Insights, what would you like to learn from other experienced professionals about the role that you are interested in? (Please select up to 3 options)

* 5. 根據你在jobsDB profile填寫的技能,你會否想知道更多相關資料?請按下列技能的重要性排序(1=最不重要;4=最重要)
Based on the skills indicated in your jobsDB profile, would you like to receive: (1 = Least important; 4 = Most important)

* 6. 請對下列關於jobsDB的陳述,選擇你的同意程度:(1=非常不同意;5=非常同意)
Tell us about what you think about jobsDB. Do you agree or disagree with the following statements? (1 = Strongly disagree; 5 = Strongly agree)

  1 2 3 4 5
jobsDB is a leader in online employment
jobsDB is a recruitment media that is setting trends
jobsDB helps me land the right job
jobsDB provides useful career-related tools and services beyond job advertisements
jobsDB offers innovative features that are different from other recruitment media
I trust jobsDB will help me plan and develop my career
I trust jobsDB will help me find the most suitable job
I trust jobsDB will help me find quality hirers
jobsDB provides useful career advice that helps me make career decisions

* 7. 電郵
Your email address