* 1. How often do you share information about your love life with the following people?

  Daily 1x Per Week 3x Per Week 2x Per Month 1x Per Month Every Few Months 1x Per Year Less Than 1x Per Year Never
Best Friend

* 2. How often do you share information about your love life on Facebook?

* 3. How often do you share information about your love life in other places online besides Facebook, like Twitter, blogs, dating sites, etc.?

* 4. Which details of your love life do you share with your social networks and/or online? Check all that apply:

* 5. How public are your posts about your love life?

* 6. Have you ever accepted social media “friend” or “follow” requests from people you don’t know well?

* 7. Have you ever shared your online account usernames/passwords with someone you’re romantically involved with?

* 8. Have you ever looked at your significant other’s emails or other private messages?

* 9. Have you ever looked at your significant other’s website browsing history?

* 10. Have you ever had a provocative video or photo of yourself shared on the Internet (by yourself or someone else)?

* 11. Have you ever used Snapchat to "sext" someone?

* 12. Have you ever received a "sext message" from another person?

* 13. How often do you talk to your significant other in person? If you're not in a relationship, skip this question.

* 14. Do you de-friend or block your ex on social media sites when you break up?

* 15. When you start dating someone, do you tag yourself in photos with them?

* 16. Do you de-friend or block co-workers when you change jobs?

* 17. Do you de-tag yourself in photos with your ex?

* 18. Have you or your significant other ever posted intimate details about your relationship online?

* 19. Have you ever lied about your personal information or photos on a dating site?

* 20. Have you ever gone on a first date with someone you met on a dating site and found out they were not truthful with their personal information and/or photos?

* 21. Are you confident in the privacy of your photos, videos, and other information on social media or dating sites?

* 22. Are you more or less concerned about the privacy of your love life today than you were 1 year ago?

* 23. Do you think your love life is more or less private today than it was 1 year ago?

* 24. Is there anything else you’d like to share about how the Internet and online privacy has affected your romantic life? Some things to consider could be Facebook, online dating sites, mobile devices, cheating, and personal profiles.