1. Welcome to the Survey: Data in Question. ELSI Challenges in biobank-based research

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It consists of 25 questions on some of the challenges of obtaining and sharing biological samples and data for research purposes in biobanks. This will help us to understand some of the challenges in this field that are due to new practices, technologies and changes in European law. The results of this survey will inform the community and may later be used to inform the development of policy. This survey is part of a research study being conducted by BBMRI-ERIC, COST Action CHIP ME, RD-Connect and IMI DO-IT, with contributions from Biobank Norway. For further information about the survey click here.

Your responses will be confidential and the results of the survey will be presented in a way that will not allow the identification of individual participants.

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* 2. Do you have experience with research or other professional acitivities that are related to biobanks and/or collections of biological samples?

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