1. Social Media Boot Camp for Educators Application 2012-2013

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Darim Online is looking to mentor 10 organizations that are passionate about their work and willing to take risks to integrate innovation, 21st century learning skills, strategies, and technologies into their work.

Applications are open to educators, including but not limited to classroom teachers, education directors, rabbis, and cantors who work with North American Jews. Highly qualified candidates may include both those working within more typical Jewish educational settings, as well as new models for Jewish learning. We are looking for applicants who are innovative and risk taking in their organizational structure, educational approach and/or use of technology.

Candidates must also be willing and available to devote 2-4 hours a month to professional learning including webinars and regular coaching sessions, plus additional time toward developing and implementing their project over a 9 month semester from September 2012 – May 2013.

Details about the Darim Social Media Boot Camp are posted on the Darim Online website.

This application contains 3 pages -- basic information, reflective narratives, and some final details. You don't need to write a formal essay for each question, but please be specific in your answers. All responses will be kept confidential.

Applications are due by Sunday, April 1, 2012, 11:59pm ET. Acceptances will be announced early May 2012.

NOTE: We highly recommend that you prepare your responses to the longer questions in advance and cut and paste them into the application. All 3 pages of the application must be filled out to be considered complete. A PDF copy of this application is available here.

Thank you!

Lisa Colton, President, Darim Online
Caren Levine, Director of the Learning Network, Darim Online

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* 1. About Us: The Basics

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* 3. We are interested in learning about the composition of your team. We suggest that you include 3-5 people, including both staff and lay leadership/volunteers.

Team leader info:

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* 4. Additional team member info (1):

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* 5. Additional team member info (2):

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* 7. Additional team member info (4):

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* 8. Our Digital Footprint

Please share relevant places, if any, that we can find your team members and/or your organization online, including Facebook, blogs, wikis, twitter, YouTube, etc. Post the links and, if appropriate, any contextual descriptions about these resources, in the space below:

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