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Dance into College is part of College in 3-2-1, an Independent Educational Consulting company based in Clemmons, NC. Our mission is to help prospective college dancers find programs that best fit their dance training and academic needs. As you know, it's difficult as a high school student to know the "inside scoop" about dance programs and careers. We would appreciate it if you would take less than 10 minutes to share your experience and insights. Please only complete this if you are currently enrolled or have previously enrolled in a college or conservatory dance major/program.

For brevity, we will simply refer to any college, university, or conservatory with a bachelor's degree program as "college".

We will produce and distribute a free white paper with results to survey participants. Please add your contact info at the end of the survey if you would like to receive the paper. Thank you for your help! Many high school dancers will benefit!
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