Thank you for taking the time to complete this 2nd survey of the disability advocacy sector in 2020. This survey is conducted by Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA). The survey was designed and will be analysed by consultant researcher and person with lived experience of disability, Polly Lisa Bennett.

Please read this page first. Proceeding to the survey indicates that you have understood and agreed to the following.


The aim of this 2nd survey is to:
  1. Increase understanding of the impact of COVID-19 and associated lockdown measures (‘the COVID-19 period’) on disability advocacy and on people with disability.
  2. Assist DANA in promoting measures (including funding where necessary) to better prepare both independent disability advocacy organisations and people with disability, for future disaster response and recovery.
As always, the primary goal of DANA’s work is to promote the rights of people with disability and to strengthen disability advocacy organisations across Australia.

Survey structure

Please answer all questions on behalf of your organisation as a whole (not on behalf of yourself or other individuals).

Please answer questions on the basis of your experience over the last six months (April to October).

This survey has five sections and will take approximately 20-30 minutes to complete.
  1. Questions about your organisation
  2. Changes to advocacy
  3. Meeting demand for advocacy
  4. Changes for your organisation
  5. Final questions: future proofing
Ethics agreement:

By proceeding, you agree:
  1. That DANA is able to use to your responses in public reports (with all identifying data removed and made confidential);
  2. To abide by your normal professional practice and not provide information in this survey that may disclose the identity of clients.

For any questions or further details about this project, please contact:

Sara Franzoni
Project Officer
Disability Advocacy Network Australia (DANA) Limited
Mobile: 0499 399 160

Thank you again!

14% of survey complete.