* 1. Which of the following devices do you most often use to connect to the Internet?

* 2. Where are you most often when you use the Internet?

* 3. Not including work or media streaming, about how much time do you spend a day on the internet?

* 4. What six(6) sites do you frequently browse if you want news, you’re bored, and or you’re looking for something?

* 5. If you find yourself distracted from your original path/work/whatever you’re supposed to be doing, you’re usually doing what/on what site? (ex. browsing _________ on _____________, playing ___________ on ____________, watching _______________ on __________, talking to ______________ on ____________, writing ______________ on _________. )

* 6. Which social network do you use most often?

* 7. Considering your response to the previous question, what do you primarily use that site for?

* 8. About how many of your "friends" on Facebook have you met in person?

* 9. About how many of your "followers" on Twitter have you met in person?

* 10. How often do you use Facebook/Twitter to connect to an app/site/game/etc?

* 11. What kind of people do you follow on Twitter, based on quantity?

  None of this kind of user A few of this kind of user A bunch of this kind of user A lot/almost all of this kind of user
Adult Friends
High School friends
Romantic/Love/Pornographic related twitter accounts
Work Professionals
Meme/Joke/Comedy/Parody accounts
College Friends
News Sites

* 12. Which social network are you most likely to share posts or news articles on? (not including personal thoughts, personal photos/videos, etc)

* 13. How often do you share posts/articles/news on social networks?

* 14. When you share a post, how to you usually go about it?

* 15. Do you find yourself enjoying some things online that you wouldn’t share on social networks?

* 16. What reason(s) would you not share a post?

* 17. Would you be more likely to repost/share something you found randomly and really liked, or something a close friend posted that you only like a little?

* 18. Do you post things based on how widely you think it will be liked/shared?

* 19. How do you feel when you post something and no one shares or likes it? How does this compare with how you feel when you post something that gets many likes/shares?

* 20. Where did you initially hear about the Malaysian plane disappearing?

* 21. Can you explain your last answer further? From whom exactly did you find out (friend's name, site name, etc.)?

* 22. What are the first five(5) news sites you can think of?

* 23. What do you most expect to get from news sites. Why do you view them?

* 24. What do you value most in post from a news site? (rate order)

  Very Important Important Moderately Important Somewhat Important Not Important at all
Site loyalty
Where it was posted
Catchy headline
Personal entertainment/interest
Has a lot of shares
Site design
Who posted/reposted
Actual news content
Has a few shares

* 25. How often do you post controversial news/photos/videos/ideas that may or may not create uncomfortable feelings for others

* 26. When Facebook or Twitter changes their page design around, what is your initial reaction? (Feelings, thoughts, frustrations, etc.)

* 27. What is your primary email address? (So we can contact you if you win!)

NOTE: Your contact info will not be directly associated with your answers. We will be drawing randomly from a list of contacts.