1. The radar feedback sign (RFS) is portable and is strictly designed to be attached to an existing speed limit sign. However we are able to install the RFS onto other existing infrastructure (light posts, advisory signs).
If there is not a sufficient piece of infrastructure that the RFS can be installed within the desired location then a location close to the requested area will be chosen.

The RFS must be facing a straightaway for best results and is not effective at all on curved roads.
The RFS will not be installed within 200 feet of an intersection where there is a stop sign/traffic signal present. For reported concerns about drivers running stop signs, these will be sent to SAPD.
The RFS is meant to help stem speeding on public roadways. Our office will not be able to accommodate requests made for streets that are within gated communities or private roads.
Wherever an RFS has deployed our data collection shows up to a 15% increase in speed limit compliance. Placement of the RFS is communicated to SAPD.

If there is not a suitable location for the RFS you will be contacted for a new location.

2. The RFS cannot be placed on TXDOT Right Of Way. Advisory signs on TXDOT roads, NW Military/Blanco Road/Wurzbach Pkwy/1604/281 are at a set height so that if a sign is struck it is designed to limit the direct impact to drivers and windshields. The RFS is a 70 Lb. the device that must be affixed below the advisory sign and therefore may cause serious injury or worse if struck.

3. Due to the requests we have received the RFS will be installed and left with the display on for one week. The RFS will display the speed limit and 15 miles above (Example – Speed limit 30 – sign will display speeds of 30MPH up to 45MPH. Any speed beyond 45MPH will be read as dashes meaning the driver is exceeding the speed limit beyond 15MPH.)
Rather than display constant feedback of all speeds, this allows battery life to be conserved.

4. Depending on the severity of the request (recent accident, history of calls from area residents, etc) we may elect to prioritize that location. SAPD also makes requests for the use of the RFS and we may elect to prioritize their requests.

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